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Surveymaker is software which helps organisations carry out surveys independently in an internet environment. The whole process from form design to automatic report generation is in one convenient package. The Surveymaker solution is used by a wide range of companies and organisations worldwide, for both internal and external client surveys.

You design your own survey using multiple choice questions, the system will automatically report back and summarise all the answers on all the surveys ... saving you hours of processing time.

Features & Benefits of the software include:

  • Easy-to-use - surveys can be implemented quickly and easily as the need arises
  • No need for heavy introductory training
  • The survey form can be linked to a website or sent to email addresses
  • An easy-to-read, complete report on results is immediately available - saves staff time - includes bar charts and pie charts
  • Clients can view the results on their own systems in chart form
  • Unlimited use for a fixed monthly price

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