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Digital Brochures

Creating a great lasting impression:

A TV style advert and a corporate brochure in the palm of your hand

Your existing company brochure (plus more) stored on a business card CD!


Eazy Pages, our digital edition solution has been redesigned and developed for over 2 years and are being endorsed by clientelle in all industry sectors. To find out more information, see a demo and/or purchase it at

You should give these CD’s to prospects when they visit or enquire.

This concept truly separates you from the competition!

Typical content can include a high impact cinematic introduction based on a series of animated photos and photo collage. (Platinum version)

We would then normally continue to a fully 3-d spinning book. (Both Gold and Platinum versions)

This has a full navigation section allowing the viewer to jump to a specific page or to simply browse the brochure by flicking and turning pages with full page curl ffects. A thumbnail index of all pages is also available.

Fully Functional Examples

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