Somebody claiming they get all their information from the internet doesn't seem as crude now as it would have in 2001. If the majority of people only trust a business with a website yet only around half of businesses have one, the message is clear.

The landscape is advanced to a state where customers depend on online infrastructure. Global phenomena like Twitter are complemented by newer schemes like Klout which piece things together with a neat stitch.

However the web page or app is made, whether it's the next Klout or Twitter ; a CMS holds it all together. Businesses like 1and1 and Weebly offer instant results but they charge a high premium and for anything other than what's available "off-the-shelf", the hunt for at least a programmer begins.

The Distinct Advantage.

Original/industry-standard graphics, programming expertise and we bring our own CMS. For a lower monthly premium.

10 Years of VIP Hosting Experience.

Instant action.

24/7 dedicated cloud expert.

Hosting with Honeywood includes 24/7 access to expert IT consultation with the benefit of instant actioning.

Introducing: Tropical CMS Dashboard.

A true star, our privately-owned, designed and maintained app content manager.

Unlike contenders we hold our own CMS which includes our original page editor, folders, spreadsheet-style live database server access and the distinctive dashboard. CMS Dashboard is optimised for all devices. Never be caught out again.

Fully Featured:

CMS Dashboard
British designed + made in "tile" layout format providing status at-a-glance.
Intuitive, responsive
Our software is eclectically designed and adapts to use on a tablet, phone and of course netbook/PC.
Database UI
This should be familiar for anyone with experience of a spreadsheet or even music program.
Folders + files
Graphic folder/file management as preferable.
Admin user access control
Other CMS Dashboard users can be managed by superusers in that project.
Manual backups
The entire database is downloadable via email including individual .html files for web pages. A complete backup history is available at all Times.
Automatic backups
Full backups are taken everyday by our "bot".
Good help page in plain English supported by diagrams.
Three distinct editors:
  1. Markdown
  3. Code
Tightly integrated with any web/app software sitting on top.


We're orientated to support our designs with the most robust modern industry frameworks available, including the spectacular jQuery , Facebook , Twitter and Markdown libraries. This keeps effect at an all-Time-high while overheads are kept to a minimum.

Creative Design.

We offer creative design to scale any budged whether 3D interactive game or discrete business card typesetting.

Style Gallery

The mainstay of our clients want something expedited, for that we can produce a website which looks good on all screens quickly and we employ a style gallery.

Go-to Style Gallery

If the currently available graphics for your business are slender and few, we can populate a design with good, dynamic stock no matter what the dimensions.

Inspiration Galleries

Our clients often express their requirements for illustration work or typographic pieces but need to point to a reference.

External Links

Open Creattica inspiration gallery Open Pantone Canvas gallery


Hayman Distillers

Purveyors of Fine Spirits from England

Official Website

GO Holiday

Self-catering villas and cottages around the world by the editors of GO Holiday magazine.


UK local/nationwide offer stream.

Driven by position or chosen place.

500+ Projects.

Alternative reference pieces are available upon request.

External Link

Check out the work of DJK Miles on Behance .